Attachment in Practice

Attachment doesn’t have to be hugs and visions of happiness, attachment is simply the ability to create safety, to connect with and to be acknowledged by you.

But for a lot of us, attachment was not something we grew up with, and isn’t natural to do. So, this course will offer some tips, strategies and validity to why it is so important to create these processes in your room.

“A key component of attachment is emotional connectedness, where a child’s caregiver has
connected or attuned themselves to the needs, sounds and desires of the child. The child can then relay these emotions between them both, communicating emotional needs through tone, facial expressions and gestures. Through these attuned experiences a child’s emotions are validated and regulated and creates an understanding of a safe world through the eyes of the child”.

Approximately 2hrs at your centre; $300 per seminar, no participant limit at childcare centres. Venues to be advised as they become available or contact me here for dates:

Foster Care and Trauma in the Childcare setting

This seminar will provide you with new updated information and insight into how a child
in your care, may display their trauma. It is designed to bring awareness of the different types of events that cause trauma and rejection and how even the simplicity of busy parents today, and the toxic social media effect has, on the connection between everyday family relationships.

Do you and your staff know how to spot the difference between ‘naughty’ behaviour and behaviour stemming from trauma and then how to address this differently to standards and the EYLF.

“Early Childhood Educators are a significant and important source of support and protection for young children” – Karen Peterson PhD.

Children in crisis mode have minds and bodies that are running at 100 miles an hour all the time, living in fight flight or freeze mode. Their relationships and actions with peers, educators and carers will vary in emotional response. It is our job to be bigger, stronger, and wiser for them.

You are the single most important relationship the child may have, for consistency, nurture and
nutrition and it is our goal to equip you with a broader scope to operate from as an educator.

This course is specific to Early Years Educators up to the age of 7.

Approximately 3hrs at your Centre; $399 per seminar, no participant limit at childcare centres. (It is recommended that it is split over 2 nights [1.5hrs each night] to allow for unpacking and plenty of conversation which is where the real change occurs).

Trauma and Children

“Trauma will undermine a child’s ability to learn, form relationships, function socially appropriately and they generally fail to self-regulate the intensity and duration of their emotions”.

The trauma children are carrying around inside them goes far deeper than their body language, conversations or behaviour. Our role as their educator is to be as consistent in our own behaviour as possible, with clear boundaries that are easy to follow. Our job as educators is to delight in them, no matter the behaviour.

This course is tailored specifically around trauma and young children, opening your understanding of what it is, what it looks like and how you can help. It is not designed for you to treat, counsel or apply therapy to heal their trauma, but equip you with knowledge and confidence to be the best adult you can be for the child.

Approximately 2hrs at your Childcare Centre; $300 per seminar, no participant limit at childcare centres.

Parenting Support – Becoming YOU

Parenting in today’s world is harder than any other generation. The only way to truly raise an adjusted child, is to know yourself.

What are your traumas?

What are your triggers?

What are your goals for your child and your values and beliefs, and do they align with your partner?

How will you build these into your parenting style and future life goals or be given the tools to unpack all your trauma before it became a lower parenting skill.

“Imagine a family unit where you and your partner were on the same parenting page from day 1. Where limiting ideas and beliefs that didn’t support one another were worked on, before your child is born. Imagine a family unit that is different from your own upbringing. What a magical parenting experience you will have”.

In this day program, we will cover trauma and beliefs, go through your own ideals, create goals for future child rearing years and support you to create the best version of YOU!

All Day Seminar. Price on enquiry and venue dependent.